-TORONTO: A city striving to eliminate discrimination, yet…



OCTOBER 26, 2007  –  Commencing next week, from November 1 – 11, the 27th Annual Holocaust Education Week takes place in Toronto, Canada. 

Approximately 150 educational and cultural programmes are being offered, the great majority without charge, in synagogues, Christian churches, schools, college campuses, libraries, bookstores, theatres and in corporate offices.

In 2006, more than 25,000 people attended this major event that extends an open invitation to individuals, young and old, of all religious persuasion.

The Toronto City Council has officially proclaimed November 1 – 11, 2007 as ‘Holocaust Education Week’ in honour of Holocaust survivors, War Veterans and Resistance Fighters. We are told the Week is a reminder of their struggles and sacrifices.

Toronto’s Mayor has remarked that, ‘we must strive as a city to eliminate all forms of discrimination in our communities and our lives.’

The organization Christian-Jewish Dialogue of Toronto has expressed that it is in their mandate to reach out to the Christian community. Their Holocaust Remembrance Committee ‘often speak from the pulpits during regular Sunday mornings.’ They explain that, ‘dialogue will always be a big part of making life better for all of us, whatever our background or religion.

In the US city of Sterling, Virginia, population 97,000, next week the All Dulles Area Muslim Society will host a Holocaust survivor who will discuss her personal story of survival. ‘Her story of genocide, fear, love and hope, which includes a beautiful example of courageous humans helping one another regardless of differences.’ 

Toronto’s Muslim population of approximately 254,000 accounts for just over 5% of Toronto’s total population, making it the city with the highest concentration of Muslims in any city in Canada or the US.

How is it that a Muslim community in Sterling, Virginia is able to extend a welcome to a Holocaust survivor, yet in Toronto…

Holocaust Education Week has a website. www.holocausteducationweek.com  Visit it for programme details and updates.


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