-PENTAGON CONSULTANT refuses to share academic panel with IDF veteran


OCTOBER 25, 2007 –  Campus Watch  advised us today that, “Associate Fellow Asaf Romirowsky was removed from an academic panel at the University of Delaware yesterday, (Wednesday), because one of the panelists, Muqtedar Khan, refused to share the panel with a veteran of the Israeli Defense Forces.”

Here are the details: 

Yesterday, the University of Delaware asked Asaf Romirowsky to step down from an academic panel at the University of Delaware because another panelist, University of Delaware political scientist Muqtedar Khan, didn’t want to share the podium with anyone who served in the Israeli Defense Forces.

Romirowsky, who holds joint American/Israeli citizenship and lives in Philadelphia, had been invited to join Khan, his colleague in political science, Stuart Kaufman, a staff member of the National Security Council during the Clinton administration, and a graduate student to discuss anti-Americanism in the Middle East.

The program was organized by the College Republicans, the College Democrats, and the Students of Western Civilization Club. The Leadership Institute provided the funds for the panel, which met on the University of Delaware campus on Wednesday evening.

The students offered Romirowsky the opportunity to come to campus next week and speak alone, with no other panel members who might object to his presence.

If Khan was just an academic, that would be one thing. But he also straddles the policy world: Khan is a a Nonresident Senior Fellow at the Brookings Institution, and a Pentagon consultant.

Further details are available at: http://www.campus-watch.org/weblog/id/110


One comment on “-PENTAGON CONSULTANT refuses to share academic panel with IDF veteran

  1. Two of the panelists were Jewish..

    My letter to President Harker

    Dear President Harker,

    I have written you before in the strategic planning suggestion box many times. This time I am writing to voice my support for Professor Dr. Khan. Although I am a Muslim that disagrees with his Islamic views, I am able to seperate that fact from acknowledging he is an incredible asset to our Political Science Department.

    Recently he voiced his reservations about a last-minute appearance by an Israeli Defense Force speaker to appear on the panel of an event involved weeks of planning.

    “National Review Online” and “Campus Watch,” two neoconservative biased organizations, began a media campaign to create problems for Dr. Khan, generating such headlines as “Jew-hating Muslim boots IDF member from panel”

    As a UD student and community member, I would hope we could denounce organizations like Campus Watch and NRO for their biased and manipulative rhetoric.

    Drew Marshall

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