By Leslie Bunder 

OCTOBER 19, 2007 –  Basic help to meet the essential needs of Zimbabwe’s small Jewish community is being arranged by World Jewish Relief. 

The community which once numbered over 7,000 in the 1960s, is now down to a few hundred following emigration to Israel, South Africa and other countries as economic hardship has struck the country. 

The humanitarian organisation has arranged for supplies of flour, powdered milk, margarine and vegetables to be sent through South Africa which will be going Savyon Lodge, a Jewish old age home that supports local Jewish and non-Jewish senior citizens.

“WJR is responding to the crisis in Zimbabwe by providing these essential funds in a bid to ease the suffering of needy Zimbabwean Jews, who have until now been hugely neglected,” says World Jewish Relief chief executive Paul Anticoni. “We recognise that our support is small in proportion to the need but we anticipate being able to scale up our engagement with Zimbabwe over the coming year.”  

World Jewish Relief provides emergency relief, welfare and instigates creative support programmes to improve the lives of the most vulnerable.  For further details, contact WJR at: www.worldjewishrelief.co.uk 

The above article can be seen in its original form at: www.somethingjewish.co.uk 


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