-THE ATTITUDES of ‘mainstream’ British Muslims


October 19, 2007 – Today, Melanie Phillips in her diary discusses “Britain’s terrible problem.”

She says:

“More very alarming evidence indeed of the attitudes of ‘mainstream’ British Muslims. As the Telegraph reports, the Conservative Muslim Forum, a body set up by David Cameron to advise the Conservatives on Muslim issues and which is headed by Lord Sheikh, has condemned the government’s support for Israel on the grounds that this displeases Muslims and says that Iran has ‘legitimate’ reasons for wanting nuclear weapons. It also argues that preachers who advocate a rejection of democracy and its institutions should not be denied entry into Britain.”

Phillips’ entire article can be read on her web site:



One comment on “-THE ATTITUDES of ‘mainstream’ British Muslims

  1. So Israel can have nuclear arms but Iran can’t have nuclear energy? Not all of us are rabid supporters of the current State of Israel. As Jews we have been persecuted, beaten, killed & gassed. My grandfather a Holocaust survivor had no love for Israeli fascists nor was he a rabid hater of the Palestinians or other Muslim nations.

    Israel’s horrific policies have only made us more hated in the world. It is time to make peace with our neighbours and stop interfering with the foreign policy of nations like the USA and England with our lobby groups.

    Jewish interests are not necessarily Israel’s interests.

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