-THREE TGIF stories worth thinking about

OCTOBER 18, 2007 –  Three earth-shattering stories this week caught our attention. We’ll be following them up with keen interest.

UNITED NATIONS (AP)The United Nations said Thursday action would be taken against the interpreter responsible for an erroneous report that Syria has a nuclear facility and expressed regret at the incident. Syria denied that one of its representatives told the U.N. General Assembly’s disarmament committee on Tuesday that Israel had attacked a Syrian nuclear facility. It said the representative was misquoted, demanded a correction, and insisted that “such facilities do not exist in Syria.”

DOVER, New Jersey (AP) Some municipal lawmakers in New Jersey think it could happen. Three aldermen in Dover have been checking gumball machines, saying they could be used by terrorists to poison kids.So far they’ve found 100 unlicensed gumball, candy and jawbreaker dispensers in the northern New Jersey town. They want to create a registration process to keep track of where the candy comes from.Dover Police Chief Butch Valentine is sceptical.  He says the odds of terrorists using a gumball machine to launch an attack are greater than winning the lottery.

JUBBAIN, Lebanon A Lebanese man released by Israel in a prisoner exchange with Hezbollah was never a fighter for the militant group, his wife insists, saying he is mentally ill and was captured by mistake by Israeli forces in the confusion of last year’s war.

And you think you had a difficult week?

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