-‘ONE VOICE’ International concert cancelled due to threats


Threats made to supporters

OCTOBER 15, 2007 – On October 3, 2007 we wrote about the international organisation One Voice. The New York-based One Voice organisation had planned to hold simultaneous concerts in Tel Aviv, Israel, and the West Bank town of Jericho, with Canadian rock star Bryan Adams in lead billing.

The Jericho concert was called off last week due to security concerns, including threats to blow up the West Bank office of One Voice, said group founder Daniel Lubetzky.

Yesterday, the Tel Aviv concert was also cancelled after threats were made to Palestinians supporting the events.

Around 600,000 Palestinians and Israelis signed on to support the organisation’s call for negotiations to begin between both sides. It also has received support from Hollywood stars such as Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston, Rhea Perlman, Danny de Vito and Jason Alexander.

This morning Daniel Lubetzky, the founder of One Voice contacted us and had this to say:

I write to advise you that we have had to postpone our One Million Voices to End the Conflict Peoples’ Summits, in Tel Aviv and Jericho on October 18th.

Two days ago we were forced to postpone our Jericho Summit, due to security considerations. You can learn more about this in my blog.  http://blog.peaceworks.net/ Staff and supporters initially wanted to go ahead with the Tel Aviv event, but in the end we decided that this would not advance our message – to highlight the will of the overwhelming majority of people on both sides to end the conflict through a two state agreement.

In solidarity, we opted to also postpone the full Echo events in London and Washington DC.

This was of course a very painful decision, but we feel it was the right one.

We remain committed to advance our mission, including through the recruitment of One Million Israelis and Palestinians, at least half a million from each side, and to reschedule the One Voice Summit as soon as we can – and have began working towards that goal already. We hope to have some good news on these fronts soon.

In the meantime, in partnership with Yahoo!, we came up with a way for our message to be heard: tune in to http://video.yahoo.com/onevoice on October 18th at 7pm Jerusalem time (1pm EST) to witness something you have never seen before.

Please spread the word and encourage others to tune in also.

Our partners in Canada will also send a message to One Voice from Parliament Hill this week similar to what we did in London this summer.

We must be proud of our teams in One Voice Israel and One Voice Palestine.  Our staff has been exceptionally courageous and has worked ceaselessly, amidst increasing recriminations, threats, and intimidation from the fringe extremists that One Voice seeks to expose and isolate. I guess this is an unfortunate by-product of the movement’s increasing influence.

Forces of absolutism have tried to undermine the patriotic nationalism of our Palestinian and Israeli partners by mischaracterizing the One Voice approach. It is critical to remember that absolutist solutions belong in the past lest they continue to keep the people and the region hostage. Our donors, Board Members, sponsors, strategic partners, and friends have been extraordinary friends, mentors, and steadfast allies. We pledge to not waver in the pursuit of our goals. And we thank you all from the bottom of our hearts.

We are very proud that 600,000 people have signed on in support of the One Voice Mandate – if you have not joined, please do so now.

Never before have so many Israelis and Palestinians spoken in One Voice to demand immediate, uninterrupted negotiations till the conclusion of a two state agreement.

As we head into the November peace summit, the need for these voices is as great as ever – and we will build on the Movement’s momentum to ensure the call for action is loud and clear in Annapolis.

On behalf of our teams in Ramallah, Gaza, Tel Aviv, New York City, and London,

Daniel Lubetzky

Editor’s Note: One Voicehttp://www.onemillionvoices.org is an organisation that aims to amplify the voice of the overwhelming but heretofore silent majority of Israelis and Palestinians who wish to end the conflict.


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