-HAMAS CHILDREN’S MAGAZINE, based in London, continues to encourage hate


“Characterizations of Jews as ‘murderers of the prophets’ “

OCTOBER 8, 2007 – This past week, The Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) brought our attention to the magazine Al-Fateh, a children’s magazine which is published bi-weekly in London.

This magazine routinely publishes stories of hate, photographs of dead bodies, and illustrations of children holding guns. Their latest issue exploits Ramadan to further the cause of the Martyrs of Palestine, sections such as Prominent Palestinian Events- dead bodies galore with blood oozing out of them, gunmen in a mujahideen camp east of Gaza City, as well as a wonderful story called Way to the Moon, which can loosely be interpreted as: Wait until we get those Zionists out of all our country.

All of this continues to be allowed to be published in the UK.

Here’s part of what MEMRI has to say on the subject.

The Hamas children’s magazine Al-Fateh is published biweekly in London, and is also posted online at http://www.al-fateh.net. It began publication in September 2002, and its 108th issue was released in mid-September 2007.The magazine, which features stories, poems, riddles, puzzles, etc., includes incitement to jihad and martyrdom and glorification of terrorist operations and of their planners and perpetrators, as well as characterizations of Jews as “murderers of the prophets” and laudatory descriptions of parents who encourage their sons to kill Jews.

In each issue, a regular feature titled “The Story of a Martyr” presents the “heroic deeds” of a mujahid from one of the organizations who died in a suicide operation (including operations against civilians) or who was killed by the IDF. The magazine also includes illustrations of figures (including child warriors) who embody the ancient Islamic ethos of jihad and martyrdom, presenting them as role models. These include the magazine’s titular character, Al-Fateh (“The Conqueror”) – a small boy on a horse brandishing a drawn sword, as well as children carrying guns and photos of Hamas fighters launching Qassam rockets. Some issues feature stories with martyrdom themes, including characters who express a wish to die in battle and meet the virgins of Paradise, and parents who rejoice at their son’s death in a jihad operation and celebrate by uttering cries of joy and handing out sweets.

To view images from the magazine visit: http://memri.org/bin/latestnews.cgi?ID=IA39307


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