-ONE MILLION VOICES: A People’s Summit


OCTOBER 3, 2007 –  On October 18, 2007 OneVoice, an organisation that aims to amplify the voice of the overwhelming but heretofore silent majority of Israelis and Palestinians who wish to end the conflict, will engage and mobilize hundreds of thousands of Palestinians and Israelis in a “People’s Summit”.

Ordinary citizens will speak out in unprecedented numbers against violent extremism and demand that their leaders negotiate and implement a two-state solution.

Numerous world leaders and luminaries will also show their support for OneVoice’s mission.

OneVoice works to reframe the conflict by transcending the “left vs. right” and “Israeli vs. Palestinian” paradigms and by demonstrating that the moderate majority can prevail over the extremist minority.

Live music, speeches by dignitaries and celebrities, and statements from grassroots activists will draw Israelis and Palestinians out to the streets, where they will be linked via satellite to their counterparts across the region.

This platform will allow people on both sides to see that they have a partner in the resolution process. The event will be broadcast around the world.

The main People’s Summit will be held simultaneously in two venues: the Jericho football stadium in the West Bank city of Jericho and HaYarkon Park in Tel Aviv.

They will be satellite-linked to international “Echo” events in Washington DC, London UK, Ottawa Canada as well as in other communities.

Additional information about this organisation can be seen at: http://www.onemillionvoices.org/


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