SEPTEMBER 30, 2007 –  This past week, Raffi Berg of BBC News wrote about a remarkable Israeli village that brings hope for ‘lost’ youth.

Yemine Orde Youth Village in northern Israel provides a home and a future to abandoned and at-risk children from around the world.

At present there are some 500 residents of all races and religions in the village from about 20 countries as diverse as Sudan, Guinea and China.

The village, now in its 54th year, epitomises Israel’s diverse background where people from many cultures live together.

As Berg points out in his article, “Yemin Orde’s reputation has begun to spread beyond Israel’s borders.

A sister village, modelled on Yemin Orde, is already being built in Rwanda, where some 15% of the population were orphaned by the genocide in 1994.”

Berg’s complete article can be read at http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/middle_east/7016176.stm

Read the article. It cries out to be shown to those nincompoops who scream out that Israel is an apartheid state.


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